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Message laissÚ par 88952634 le 15/04/2016

Message laissÚ par le 13/12/2013

Fantastic wines.. Tried them at the Oddbins winefair.All of them were delicous. Will have to wait for my local oddbins to get them in.
Many thanks and keep up the good work...

Message laissÚ par Clay le 27/05/2012

Beautiful Pearls
Quetton - C'est magnifique
Adelys - C'est magnifique
These wines are extraordinary.
We are going to come down to your Chateau and drink a lot of wine and give handshakes, hugs, and kisses!

Message laissÚ par Dylan Thomas le 04/09/2008

Dear all,

Although I often don┤t like very much Syrah and garnacha wine, I tried yesterday your 2005 Cuvee Quetton Saint Georges and all I can say is wonderful ! So so good wine ! Recomended worldwide.

Regards from Barcelona (Spain).

Message laissÚ par Miguel Torres le 29/05/2008

Hello, I work for Oddbins in the UK, and have recently tasted your 2003 Quetton Saint-Georges. Wow! It is now one of my favourite wines in our entire range. Thanks for a beautiful treasure.

Message laissÚ par Thomas le 17/04/2008

Splendid tour, tasting, dinner and atmosphere - the nr 1 part of the tour - Merci Constance

Message laissÚ par 1of the Iso Boys le 12/06/2007

We had a magnificent 2001 vintage Cuvee Quetton Saint-Georges at the French House restaurant in London recently. Tried to buy some but told it was now sold out. So now searching for 2002 or 2003 through Oddbins.

Message laissÚ par terence boley le 10/10/2006

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