Modernity and tradition go hand in hand in the winery of Engarran. Stainless steel and wood, 17th century timbers and an integrated cold system, a wooden ratchet press and a low-pressure pneumatic press… We need modern equipment, and we have it, but we always refer to tradition to enable Engarran wines to express themselves to the full.
A set of wooden vats, stainless steel and concrete vats with floating caps are used to vinify by the plot and achieve the full range of expression of the soils of Saint Georges d'Orques.

Diane Losfelt


The final stage in winemaking is barrel maturing, a mysterious alchemic process which consolidates the intermingling of tannins and oak.
The base principle of Engarran is always to respect the wine's personality; the wood must blend into the wine to bring out its potential.
3 red blends (Château de l'Engarran Cuvée Quetton Saint Georges, Château de l'Engarran Cuvée tradition, Domaine de l'Engarran Vin de Pays d'Oc) are matured here in different types of barrel adapted to each wine and for periods suited to each vintage, the requisite length of time being tested in quarterly tasting sessions.
1 white blend is barrel-vinified and matured on lees for 6 months (Domaine de l'Engarran Cuvée Adélys)
Tours of the barrel cellar are organised for the Vine and Wine festival in late May, with sampling of the wines still in the maturing process. Not to be missed!

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