Salon des Vignerons Indépendants de Strasbourg du 17 au 20 Février 2012
Au Parc Exposition du Wacken - Halls 20/21

Vendredi 17/02 de 15h � 21h
Samedi 18 et Dimanche 19/02 de 10h � 19h
Lundi 20/02 de 10h � 18h

Going along with easy readability is the dial itself . As far as design, the lume dial is the same as the black dial, but instead of chrome hands and lume painted numbers and markers, the hands and numbers are all black, as the white dial itself fully illuminates in the dark. I have always liked the dials of the M50 Mark II series (which differed from the now discontinued from the M50-DSS), with its matte dial and arabic numerals. Now with the white dial in the mix, it gives customers another option. I would love to see Momentum come out with more colors in the Mark II line, possibly a grey or blue dial, or maybe even an orange.

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